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Personal Blog….

When I was a child I remember my family always scrapping for money.  My parents instilled in me the value of the dollar, and I watched as they worked hard every day to pay the bills and provide for me.  I remember as a child my mother going to rummage sales, or estate sales, looking for deals and making me wait in the car if she found something she wanted to give to me for Christmas.  For Christmas, we rarely got anything that was new, but for me it was new and I knew my parents worked all year to search for toys or items to make the holiday special.  In my hometown, there was a Kmart, the working class would buy items they needed and my mother and I would go in there once a week where she would wait on the “blue light special”.  It was a blue spinning light that signified an item was specially marked down by a couple dollars.  Many people, today, take for granted a couple dollars, but to me and my family, a couple dollars was the difference in how much food you could buy at the grocery store.

 Many years later I joined a construction crew and worked my summers making money to help support my desire to go to college.  My mother never went to college, but she knew the value of an education.  When my eyesight deteriorated, I became fascinated with the eyes.  My first pair of glasses opened my eyes to the world and my mother cried because she waited so long to get me glasses because we had so little money.  On my car ride home from the optometrist I only remember two things.  One, was that you could actually see leaves on a tree. It wasn't a smear but you could actually pick out individual leaves and I was telling my mother everything I could suddenly see for the first time.  The other was my mother crying while she drove because she felt so bad not knowing how truly poor my vision was for so long.

 Fast forward a decade, and I decided I wanted to partner with Walmart to provide eye exams to people in the community.  Walmart reminded me of my mother, shopping for the best value and I respect those who are good people in their heart but may not have the financial means to buy glasses every year.  Those people are the hard working individuals who quietly make a difference to our community and I am proud to provide their vision needs.

 In the last couple decades, Walmart has seen my dedication to the community and has been generous to allow me to operate many offices throughout North Carolina.  I have reciprocated by hiring the best doctors who have the same beliefs I have in providing the best quality at a very affordable price.  I sincerely hope when you visit our office, you will feel the personal care we strive to provide to you and your family.