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Contact Lenses and More

Contacts Are Our Specialty

At Risk Optometric Associates, we specialize in two things. One is eye exams and the second is fitting contact lenses. Because we are in a retail environment, many patients walk-in expecting us to solve there vision problems immediately. Face it, how many of us want to walk around with blurred vision. Most patients don’t care why they are blurry, they just want it fixed and they want it fixed now. What patients fail to realize is there are several parameters that go into fitting contacts.

One size does not fit all

contacts croppedWhen you buy shoes there are certain size requirements. Just because you wear a size 9 doesn’t mean a size 9 fits in both a Nike and Addidas. Also, there is a size 9 EE and a size 9D. So most people understand that shoes have a primary number, the length, and to a secondary number, the width. The width being a small factor in the overall fit.

Contacts prescriptions are similar to shoe sizes, but instead of one primary number, there are 3 primary numbers. Instead of one secondary number, there 3 secondary numbers. Now if you remember back from high school, how many combinations can you get with two numbers and how many combinations can you get with 6 numbers. This means that for your eye size, there are literally hundreds of combinations. Don’t forget, which hurts worse, something wrong with a shoe, or something wrong with your contact lens. The foot obviously can handle pain much better than your eye which is why the fit has to be so accurate.

Huge Supply of Contact Lenses at Risk Optometric Associates

Now you understand the difficulty in fitting contacts, but when you can’t see, you don’t care, you “just” want something to make you see. The only option to address the physics of all the combinations and the patient’s desire for immediate satisfaction is to simply stock THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of contact lenses. So that is what we do! We order everyday about 20 sets of contacts for each office, that is over 200 sets of contacts every single day for our company. By doing this we can fit 99% of all patients who walk through the office.

Types of Contact Lenses

What type of contacts to we carry? Well since most people now move every few years, it is our best interest to have on hand the most common types of contacts. So we carry Acuvue Oasys, Air Optix, Biofinity, Ultraflex, Bausch & Lomb, Focus Aqua Comfort Plus, and a few other brands that we can go to if these do not work out for you.

For the price conscious customer we carry the Walmart Equate Brand exclusive only to Walmart. The Walmart Equate contact is very inexpensive and can be used by a majority of our patients.

Additionally, we carry in stock toric contacts for patients with astigmatism. Ask us about multifocal contacts or bifocal contacts, if you have more than one prescription for nearsighted and farsightedness. We also have daily contacts that are quickly becoming the number one selling contact in the United States. In the dailies, we carry Focus Aqua Comfort Plus, the Acuvue 1-Day Moist, and the Acuvue Trueyes.