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Eyes are important indicators of overall health, and comprehensive eye care goes beyond a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. At Risk Optometric Associates, we take the time to get to know you, your eye care history, and your vision needs. Our optometrists provide the expert care, advice, options, and follow up you need whether you are a new patient or an existing one.

Why Choose Risk Optometric

1) Personal care: Unlike many chain locations where staffing turnover issues cause you to have a bad experience, Risk Optometric doctors have been with the company for many years. In fact, most doctors have been with the company for over a decade.  We have been in business for over 20 years and have provided care to over a hundred thousand patients.  We are truly a family business and problems or concerns you may have are not delegated to Walmart corporate headquarters.  We are the same people who answer the phones, provide your eye exam, file your insurance, and provide all follow-up care.  When you call, you know us, and we know you. This is the personal touch we offer with our eye exams in Fayetteville, NC, Hendersonville, NC, Ft. Bragg, NC, and Jacksonville, NC.
2) Affordable eye exams: If you are looking for an affordable eye exam that offers comprehensive evaluation of your ocular heath, Risk Optometric Eye Exams offers two types of eye exams to meet your budget without compromising your visual needs.  Some people have visual needs that require extensive examination of the eyes, while others have eyes that don't change.  Wouldn't it be nice to pick what type of exam you receive.  Discounted affordable valued intermediate exams can accomplish the needs for most young healthy patients who do not want a cheap eye exam, but want to have an evaluation that does not break the bank.  We also do not force you to buy eyeglasses if you have your eyes examined by one of our optometrists.  You can purchase your glasses on-line or wherever you choose.  We position our office inside Walmart because we know Walmart offers great discounts on eyeglasses and contacts.  Walmart eyeglasses have a one year warranty so you know you are not getting cheap glasses, but rather valued added eyeglasses.
3) No wait: Many commercial chains will double book patients or put time limits on the exam to less than 10 minutes.  At Risk Optometric, we stagger our eye exams in Fayetteville, Hendersonville, Jacksonville, and Ft. Bragg, NC.  We allow up to an hour for each patient visit. Last year our average wait time to see the doctor was less than 5 minutes.  We are here for you, not the other way around. The added time we allow for each patient ensures the doctor has time to give you an optimal prescription for your eyeglasses and thoroughly evaluate your ocular health.
4) Most insurance accepted:   Many Patients have vision plans and we are happy to accept them. Currently we accept Tricare, BCBS, United Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Spectera, Community Eye Care, Superior Vision, EyeMed, and VSP insurance.  If your insurance is not on this list, we may still be able to accept it.  Please call our office for a complete list of vision insurances we accept.   We cannot offer free eye exams or bundle an eye exam with glasses to make the eye exam appear free. We do not hide our fees or inflate the costs of the glasses. When you look for free eye exams you need to be cautious that you are not coerced into buying things you do not need. Doctors cannot work for free and free eye exams are offset by the doctor having to see a vast number of patients that buy glasses.  Risk Optometric does not have any hidden fees.



Q&A with Dr. R

Dr. Risk Answers Your Eyecare Questions

I was told I have a thin retina and if I see flashes of light or floaters to come in immediately to my eye doctor as I could go blind. How did I get a thin retina?

As the eye grows the tissue in the eye can be stretched causing the tissue to be thinner than normal. The stretch marks can tear without pain and cause loss of sight. This thinning is very common in people with high prescriptions (thick glasses).

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Great Eye Care in North Carolina 

Our offices in North Carolina serve patients from Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Raeford, Jacksonsville, Ft. Bragg & Hendersonville - call us to schedule an appointment today! If you have a moment, please give us your feedback about our site and your experiences with our Practice.


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Marcie Rinaldo
I was able to make an appointment for the very next day. The staff was friendly and really tried to make my very nervous 9 year old feel better. The wait time was reasonable. The office was clean but small. There isn't much room for more than just the patient so it was little tight with my son and myself. Dr. Risk was friendly and truly seemed to care about my son's eye issues. The only down side was that while Dr. Risk was explaining the issues to me, I felt as though he was speaking to me like I was a child. His expressions and phrases used would work great if he were only speaking to my son, but he used the same tone for me as well.

Ashton G.
My experience at Risk Optometric was fantastic. I walked in worried that its was going to be difficult getting my 3 year olds and I in for a check up, not the case. The staff was beyond friendly and very welcoming. Extremely understanding and patient with my frightened toddler. I will continue take my business there.

Sharon Cannon
Having always gone to another eye care provider, I was a little apprehensive about switching this late in the game but I am certainly overjoyed that I did. Dr. Laughinghouse is professional yet takes time with each and every patient. I was extremely impressed with efficient staff and excellent provider service I received. The appointment was right on time, my husband and I had appointments together. He had gotten his eyes checked there prior but I had not. He raved about how happy he was. I was extremely satisfied with the expert advice concerning a frame choice and the suggestion I purchase prescription sunglasses as well. I will definitely return here year after year!! Thanks so much for making our experience a great one.

susan mahan
Being new to the area, I was very happy with the service I received at Risk Optometric at the WalMart. All the ladies were very personable and friendly and Dr.Laughinghouse was really great, very professional and friendly at the same time! She answered my questions completely. I will definately continue using this office for all my eye needs.

Jo Zelinski
My daughters and I have been seeing Dr. Likins for many years. The entire staff is great and they do well with the younger kids too. They are on time, friendly and put you at ease. I would highly recommend Dr. Likins and staff for all your eye care needs.

Kerry Blakley
Kept me informed of my appointment via email and Text. Showed up 15 min earily and was being seen within 30 min. Made me feel like I was of value and not just another number. Would recommend their services to anyone that is needing a routine eye examination. Doctor seems very knowledgeable and truly interested in my eye health. He did not treat me as just another body with was interfering in what he wanted to do and was in a hurry to get my appoint over so he could collect his fee. This was very refreshing and appreciated.

Seth Weaver,Sr.
I was in need of a quick eye exam and I gave Risk a try at Walmart. I was pleasantly surprised that they could work me in on such late notice. I was a walk-in. Their examination of my eyes was thorough and I was impressed with the staffs professionalism. Dr. Brown took the time to sit down with me and explain eye condition that I had to me clearly. I've never had another eye doctor to do this. I will recommend them to anyone who needs quality eye care.

Sheryl Morton
It was a great experience. I had an exam fro contacts and I have always had to wait to get my contacts special ordered. This time I walked out the door with contacts in my eyes and the prescription for bot contacts and glasses. The Staff was friendly and courteous and the doctor was great. I will recommend others and will be returning for my eye exams.

Brenda Colbert
I found Risk Optometric to be the best facility I have visited thus far. The staff was so kind and pleasant and made the whole experience to be a grand one. Waiting time before being called back was minimal and the entire process from start to finish was flawless and most enjoyable. I would highly recommend Risk Optometric for all your eye care needs from the most basic to the most complex.

Nancy Webb
I had an appointment and after filling out the required paperwork, my wait time was minimum. The staff was very professional and the optometrist was thorough in her examination of my eyes. She was very attentive to make sure I get the glasses that will give me my 20/20 vision with glasses. I would recommend anyone to get their eyes examined by Risk Optometric Associates!

Ahmed Tudjan Al-Qaid
I was a walk-in, so I had no appointment. I waited about 2 hours to be seen and I must say, I had to summon the patience of Job, to continue my wait. However, once they began with me, everyone was very courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. The doctor, I cannot remember her name, but I do remember she was a female with short hair, was awesome. I felt like she knew what she was doing, and that the information that she was giving me was accurate. She took her time and did not rush through everything. I am confident that I got the best

Derrick Richardson
I stated this review last time and as time pass, the service my family received 9/13/14 was the exact same!! This is why my comments want change: I just want to say that my family and I are very privileged to be associated with loyal and compassionate professionals. The entire staff always exhibit superb and friendly customer service with the upmost professionalism. This is the reason we continue to patronize an outstanding establishment. Thanks for the excellence!!

Jenny Garcia
Getting an appointment was quick and easy and they easily worked with me when I had to change it. The location is of course super convenient (inside walmart) so while my son (13) was getting seen I returned stuff. The wait time to be seen wasn't too bad (about 15 minutes) but then he goes in, comes back out and waits a bit more until we both went back. The exam itself was fairly quick, the doctor bantered with my son making it fun for him All our concerns were addressed and he gave us a couple options to resolve possible problems. My son was there for updated contact and glasses prescriptions, but had also be having problems with bloodshot eyes. My son like the new (different brand) of contact but is also interested in the possibility of wear-one-day contacts so we may be back in. There is a 30 day period where if you aren't happy you can go back in. Overall the time there was about 1 hour.



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